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To inspire and promote the power that comes from healthy living, by connecting you with real food and fun, functional fitness.  

A True Passion for Fitness

Owned by Andrew Scoffham, NATURAL HEALTH was born out of pure love of exercise, a passion for food and becoming ones greatest version. A healthy functional lifestyle is essential to overall well being. It is much more than trying the new fad diet or hitting the gym a couple times a week. NATURAL HEALTH's philosophy is about educating the power of food, getting excited for your workouts, mastering your body and mind to become your greatest version, the natural way. 
With over 11 years of personal training across the United Kingdom and New Zealand, I use my vast knowledge and understanding of health and fitness to design the most unique, enjoyable and effective workouts. 


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Classes 6pm Wednesday & 9am Sunday @ Great Western Beach - £5

Fitsquad Classes

Join our Fitsquad family today, we are a squad of fit fanatics who share a similar goal... to get fit and have fun. 

Personal Training 

Specialising in getting you results fast, Personal Training is an indepth focus on what method of fitness works best for you.

Holistic Nutrition

Optimally fueling yourself improves performance and accelerates recovery. Athletes with focused diets can push harder, last longer, heal quicker, and train again sooner.

Online Training

Online Coaching ensures you have quick & clear communication with 247 online support throughout your journey to ensure you get results fast. 

"Andrew is professional, patient and motivated to help people do the best they can. His nutritional advice is ace and recipies tasty. Great chap very friendly and honest."

Andrew is a fantastic personal trainer with a lot of knowledge! I think one of the main things that sets him apart is how much he truly cares about each individual client. Whether you need help with training, motivation or diet + nutritional support his knowledge is second to no one. All this and truly a fantastic guy. I would recommend Andrew to anyone. 

"Amazing support and advice on my Natural Health Journey, I wouldn’t entrust my health to anyone else".

"Andy is a very special trainer. Whilst I trained with him I dropped a massive 5 dress sizes. He is knowledgable about what he does and passionate. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

I’ve trained with Scoff for many years and I always enjoy the session.
He knows how to motivate you, to get the best from you, in order to make sure you reach your goals. For me the most important part is that he’s always seeking knowledge and to improve his own skills, which is evident in his work ethic and also the standard he brings to both 1 to 1 and group sessions.

Training with Andrew led me to be the best shape I have ever been! His strength and conditioning circuits were fun and effective at building muscle and burning fat. He gives solid diet advice and helped keep me motivated!

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